Do you want to know methods on how to grow food without the need for insecticides and pesticides?

WEBINAR: Wednesday,
January 22nd, 2020 - 7PM PST

Lindsay Aichinger will host a live webinar on January 22nd, 2020, 7PM PST to start a revolution about remineralizing our top soil. Mineral deficiency is one of the biggest problems in our food supply and lucky for us - there is a solution. She will also be going through one her most favorite books on the subject "Sea Energy Agriculture" by Dr. Maynard Murray.

Healing starts with the soil.

"As a former chemical engineer making these insecticides myself - I saw the impact and destruction these chemicals have made on humans and animals alike. We need to promote solutions that can get rid of these chemicals once and for all."

~ Lindsay Aichinger

This book was a life-saver for Lindsay and opened up her eyes to the power of nature when healing the soil. The ocean contains 90+ minerals that can help life on land thrive.

Included in the webinar package will be this book sent to you free of charge including shipping. Please include your shipping address in the signup form below to expedite the process.

This book will change your life as it explains the importance of trace minerals in the health of plants coming from an unlikely source - the ocean.

Two things within the package will be delivered after the webinar. The first thing will be a 20 minute Skype session with Lindsay where you can discuss whatever you like. The documentary, the book, other projects. It is your time to learn from each other! Please include Skype ID in the signup form in order to make it easier to coordinate the session. After the webinar – Lindsay will send you a calendar invite where you can schedule a time and day for this session.
The second thing will be an ebook which includes all of the things Lindsay will be discussing in the webinar including her story. There will also be other resources that will help guide you on your way to wellness. Also different ways to detoxify from these toxic insecticides and pesticides will be included!

All of this included in the price of $125!


This information is endless. Lindsay is in the beginning process of also designing a course which will be then available on Teachable platforms later this year. This information is a must and essential to protect life on Earth.

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