Missing Minerals Documentary

"Healing starts with the soil."

The documentary “Missing Minerals” is currently in development. It follows the story of Lindsay Aichinger as she discovers the healing nature behind the ocean. After finding out about a chemical leak at the insecticide plant Lindsay previously worked at, she was devastated. The only thing that consoled her was doing research on these chemicals. Why are they needed? Is there a solution out there? After a few years of research, she came across an article about ocean mineral fertilizer. Is the ocean the answer we have been looking for? What happened to the minerals in our soil? 

Watch the riveting concept trailer above as Lindsay prepares to raise money for the project in 2020.

Thank you to all that helped with the concept trailer!



Director: Alanna Brown/Lindsay Aichinger

Producer: Lindsay Aichinger

Cinematographer: Christopher Robin Gallego

Editor: Christopher Robin Gallego/Mitch Mitchell/Lindsay Aichinger

Composer: Roman Senyk