Big Ag Engineer Goes Rogue

On November 15th, 2014 – Lindsay’s world came crashing down. It was the day she found out that four people died from a chemical at the plant she interned with. It happened in her area as well. Lindsay could even envision the events going on in her head as she had been in that area multiple times. She didn’t really know the people that died and it did not matter. It was an event that shook her at her core.

As a result, Lindsay became depressed. After all, she went into Chemical Engineering to cure disease and cancer. She did not ask for this type of burden. No one asks for this but not many do something about it either. The only thing that made her feel a little less worse was doing research about these chemicals. Her research led to an investigation. Does she find the answers she was looking for? Is there a way to grow food without the need for these toxins?

This video is the first of a three video series about Lindsay’s journey. More videos to come explaining her research and what she finds to be important to the future of our food supply and health of our society.

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