Lindsay started out as a Chemical Engineer and quickly found out it was not the right career for her.

She started her media company after discovering the dangers of insecticides and pesticides. These are chemicals she previously made as an intern with DuPont.

The first media project that is being developed under Revive Productions includes a documentary featuring her story. After news of a chemical leak at the insecticide plant Lindsay interned for, she began to do research on these chemicals. Lindsay was motivated to understand exactly why these chemicals are so popular and uncover ways to get rid of them. Mineral deficiency kept coming up as a source of the problem. Farming practices do not include enough minerals in the soil to grow healthy plants.

Two years later, Lindsay found out about a solution. Fertilizing with diluted ocean water makes crops disease resistant and gets rid of the need for toxic chemical insecticides and pesticides.

Healing starts with the soil.​