We bring stories to life!

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We bring stories to life!

Multi-media company that takes your story to the next level.

We try to focus on stories that are socially conscious. We especially favor stories featuring women and underrepresented/marginalized people including those with disabilities. Everyone has a voice and it’s time our media content reflected that.


Website Redesign with Brand Overhaul

Story development for projects that align with core values

Production of a concept trailer that highlights essential story concepts



Missing Minerals

This documentary (currently in development) will raise awareness of the lack of nutrition in the form of minerals and microbes in the soil and subsequently our food supply. Explore a revolutionary new way to fertilize our crops using nature as our guide. This documentary features Lindsay as a former chemical engineer as she finds new ways to get rid of insecticides and pesticides years after finding out about a chemical leak killing four people at the very insecticide plant she interned for. Can she find an answer? 

Nature is knocking and it’s time we listened.

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